Subject Verb Agreement Graphic Organizer

Subject-verb agreement is a crucial element of effective communication in written English. It is an integral part of grammar that ensures that the subject and verb in a sentence agree in number and tense. The subject and verb must be in agreement to make the sentence grammatically correct and convey clear meaning to the reader.

A graphic organizer is a visual aid that helps to organize and structure information in a clear and logical way. It is a tool that can be used to help students understand the subject-verb agreement rules and make it easier for copy editors to identify and correct issues.

A subject-verb agreement graphic organizer can be used to help students learn the basic rules of subject-verb agreement. The organizer consists of a table with columns for the singular and plural subjects and rows for each of the tenses. Under each column, there should be a list of the common verbs that are used with that subject.

For example:

| | Singular | Plural |


| Present Tense | He walks | They walk |

| Past Tense | She walked | They walked |

| Future Tense | It will rain | They will rain |

| Present Perfect | She has eaten | They have eaten |

| Past Perfect | He had finished | They had finished |

| Future Perfect | She will have written | They will have written |

Using this graphic organizer, students can easily see how verbs change depending on the subject and tense of the sentence. They can use this tool to practice writing sentences and identifying subject-verb agreement errors.

For copy editors, the subject-verb agreement graphic organizer can be a useful reference tool when editing documents. It can help to quickly identify errors and ensure that the document is grammatically correct. By keeping a copy of the graphic organizer nearby, copy editors can save time and improve the quality of their work.

In conclusion, the subject-verb agreement graphic organizer is a helpful tool for students and copy editors alike. By providing a clear and visual representation of the rules of subject-verb agreement, it can make it easier to learn, understand, and apply these rules in practice. Whether you are a student or a copy editor, the subject-verb agreement graphic organizer is a valuable resource that can help improve your writing skills.